Stone Claddin Profiles

Gypsum Boards are considered among the most economic and ideal way for wall partitioning. Easy to install, saves time and money, gypsum boards can be used as a backing for wall treatments such as wall paper, fabric, title and wood paneling or it can simply be painted.

SFSP Lebanon provides a complete product range for drywall and ceiling constructions. SFSP Lebanon Studs, Runners, Furring Channels, Ceiling Channels, and wall Angles are among the range of products produced according to relevant standards to service the dry wall installers.


ā€“ ASTM C1047


STUDS are vertical profiles inserted into the RUNNERS; bearing profiles of the partition; used for fixing of partition covering (Gypsum Boards).
RUNNERS are horizontal profiles to fix the partition to floor and ceiling.


Studs & Runners

Angle beads provide with its solid metal nose a straight corner. Expanded diamond mesh wings allow for keying the plaster right up to the nose of the bead. It is designed to protect the corners.

Ceiling Channels

The metal framing members of the ceiling grid are called main ceiling channel. Main ceiling channel is hung from above by suspension hanger. They run between the wall angles and form the support system for the suspended ceiling

Omega Channels

OMEGA channel: also known as cross furring. They run perpendicular to the main ceiling channel and are connected to it with a wire connection clip. Furring channels are used to support the ceiling panel (Gypsum Board)

L Channels

This ā€œLā€œ shaped mouldings form the perimeter of ceiling. They ensure a finished edge where the ceiling meets the wall and establish the level of ceiling. Perimeter angles are set on all sides of the ceiling and should overlap on inside corners- Miter the wall angle on outside corners.

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