Cable Management Systems

Cable Trays & Accessories

Cable Trays are designed to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wire installations and comply to local and international standards of fabrications and finishes.

Cable Ladders (Welded & Swaged)

Cable Trays Ladder, are designed to meet most requirements of cable and electrical wire installations and comply to local and international standards of fabrication and finishing.

Cable Trunkings

Cable Trunkings and Accessories are offered in a comprehensive range. Mill galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, and powder coated are the finishes produced in our factories.

Basket Trays & Accessories

Basket Tray Systems enable fast and simple connections with limited need for tools. UNITECH QATAR’s design allows continuous airflow, and prevents the buildup of dust.

Cable Management Support Systems

They are well designed to provide necessary support for cable trays, cable ladders and trunkings. The Supports are manufactured according to standards from high quality.

C-Channel Strut Systems

Metal Framing Systems provide an economical solution for electrical, mechanical and industrial supports with a wide variety of applications in the construction industry.

Underfloor Trunking

Underfloor Trunking Systems solutions incorporate a range of products for the distribution of power and data services , it is a coordinated set of containments...

Stone Cladding Profiles

Stone Claddin Profiles

Stangle Cladding Fixation includes design, calculation and production of several types of mechanical fixings and accessories used for cladding purposes...

Plastering & Block Work Accessories

Plastering & Block Work Accessories

Expanded Metals help the formation of joints, protection of corners and resistance against cracks, chips and impact damage.Calculations are provided by our design office...

Steel Lintels Profiles

Steel Lintels & Block Reinforcement Profiles

Steel Lintels provide a combination of strength and light weight, resulting in efficient load bearing performance and increased productivity on site. They are characterized by...

Wall Partition & Ceiling Profiles

Wall Partition & Ceiling Profiles

Gypsum Boards are considered among the most economic and ideal way for wall partitioning. Easy to install, saves time and money, gypsum boards can be used as a backing...

Pipe Hangers and Clamps

Pipe Hangers and Clamps

Pipe Clamps and Hangers from SFSP used in the support of pipes and equipments are manufactured according to the highest standards of fabrication.A diversified choice...

Garbage & Linen Chutes

Garbage & Linen Chutes

Chutes from UNITECH QATAR are very convenient, simple and low cost method of controlling and disposing of refuse and linen. Chutes meet the most stringent requirements of environmental...

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